Entry Form – Edge Art Show

Are you a Coastal Carver?

We would like to invite you to join us in exploring the theme Roots / Mułmumc” at the 2018 Edge Art Show.

Artists may submit a series of work (up to 3 pieces) or 3 individual pieces.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about this year’s theme or submission criteria. This is a non-juried community art show – in keeping with the spirit of the Carving on the Edge Festival`s mandate to promote the carving community we ask that all submissions to the festival art show have some element of `carving` to them.

      “The ancient trees of our coastal forests are master storytellers. Rooted in the earth their trunks climb to the sky, filled with circular pages of their ringed history. Ingrained in their fibres are messages, telling us of the places that formed them and contributed to their growth.

As trees do, Carvers draw up from their roots. Shared values, histories, and relationships ground us and are reflected in what we choose to express through our work. This year, we are asking you to contribute to this narrative by submitting carvings that honour what nourishes us and gives us strength.”

75% of sales goes to the Artist and 25% supports the festival

Drop off: Wednesday September 5th between 10am-5pm

Pick up: Wednesday September 12th between 10am-5pm

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