September 8-13th, 2022

2022 Festival

mułmunčʔałuk: Taking Care of the Roots


Sep 09

Naa’Waya’Summ Totem Pole Raising

Hosted by: Eli Enns
Sep 09

Tool Making Workshop – Elbow Adze

Hosted by: Robinson Cook
Sep 09

Carving by Women for Women

Hosted by: Francine Champange and Mary Martin
Sep 09

Bentwood Box Making

Hosted by: Joe Martin and Bruce Alfred
Sep 09

Introduction to Viking Relief Carving

Hosted by: Christen Dokk Smith
Sep 09

Tool Shed

Hosted by: Gordon Dick
Sep 09

Open Carving Area

Hosted by: Carving Area host
Sep 09

Artist Forum – Day Two

Hosted by: Joe Martin & Gordon Dick.
Sep 09

Artist Forum – Day One

Hosted by: Robin Rorick & Isabel Rorick, Phil Gray & Ernest Swanson, Rick Harry & James Harry, and Joe Martin & Gordon Dick.
Sep 09

Edge Exhibit Gallery Opening

Hosted by: Carving on the Edge Festival
Sep 09

Tool Making Workshop – Hook Knife

Hosted by: Aaron Nelson Moody
Sep 09

Painting on Wood

Hosted by: Robin Rorick

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