Artist Forum - Day Two
We are hosting a two-day Artist Forum that will stimulate discourse on transmission of knowledge.
Friday, September 9th
10:0AM - 7:00PM


Joe Martin & Gordon Dick.


Carving on the Edge Festival



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We are hosting a two-day Artist Forum that will stimulate discourse on transmission of knowledge as it relates to artistic practice. Through centring the discussion on Indigenous principles of learning, carvers and weavers will reflect on their personal artistic journey and role in furthering the development of the coastal carving arts

The second day will focus on the opportunity for the artist to share and experience the raising of the NuuWaya’Sum Totem Pole. We will end the day with an intimate community dinner at the gardens with the participating carvers and artists.

Forest Walk with Gizele Martin


Walk through the NaaWaya’Sum Coastal Indigenous Gardens with stories from the area and significant ecological wonders. 

Nuu’Waya’Sum Totem Pole Project with Joe Martin & Gordon Dick


Joe and Gordon talk about the process of caving the totem pole. The presentation will include a short film premiere documentation of the NuuWayaSum Totem Pole Project by Jeremy Williams.

Gordon speaks to the importance of taking the time to learn traditional values and teachings passed on to the next generation as the art form continues to evolve.

Shared Lunch for Artist Forum

12:00 to 1:00pm

Raising of the Naa’Waya’Sum Totem Pole


Community Dinner


Barbecue Salmon, Alternative, Bannock, 2 Salads

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Joe Martin & Gordon Dick.

Guest Artist Speakers will include Gizele Martin, Joe Martin & Gordon Dick.



Naa'Waya'Sum Coastal Indigenous Gardens (formerly Tofino Botanical Gardens)


10:0AM - 7:00PM




Carving on the Edge Festival

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