Carving with Women
This carving class is intended for beginning carvers, women who would love to learn to carve.
Sunday, September 11th
9:00AM - 4:00PM


Francine Champange and Mary Martin


Carving on the Edge Festival



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This carving class is intended for beginning carvers, women who would love to learn to carve. In this unhindered environment, Francine Champagne, an artist and carver; and Mary Martin, a First Nations multi-disciplinary artist will guide you through an easy Zen-like project. A day of learning, a day of sharing, a day of carving. To carve a comb, designed in the traditional style of west coast art, is a very peaceful activity, requiring patience, a few basic carving skills and some knowledge about wood. You will be given wooden blanks and a simple carving knife. Mary will share a few of her designs, ready on a template for you to choose. Some designs are complex to carve, some quite simple. Both Francine and Mary will give you a basic understanding of wood properties, the choice of wood species, how to carve safely, tool etiquette, carving techniques and how to finish the surface of your comb. Combs are easy to carve, addictive and they make great gifts. If you leave them around your home they are sure to be appreciated and possibly acquired by family. Let the wood chips fly!

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Francine Champange and Mary Martin

Francine Champagne
Francine started carving wood masks in 1999, after having spent a decade doing cast faces. She first
learned West Coast carving techniques and tool making with Coast Salish artist Rick Wolcott, and is forever grateful for his classes and workshops. Since then, her carvings have included masks, bowls, plaques, utensils, combs, but the style has evolved into her very own designs. Her favourite woods include alder, yellow cedar, and red cedar. Many of her projects can be seen either on her Facebook page ( or her carving website
( Francine first participated in the 2014 Carving on the Edge Festival, in Tofino, BC; she attends and carves at the Festival at every opportunity. In 2014/2015, she assisted carver Qwaya Sam to carve a pole at Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, BC. A retrospective show of her carvings was held at the MacMillan Arts Centre in Parksville, BC, in March of 2015. She presently has an interest in carving hummingbirds. Francine studied visual arts and communications at Ottawa U, and all manner of digital media since then, with a special concentration in M.C. Escher-like tessellations. After many years jumping provinces, she now lives on Vancouver Island where she is fully at home.


Naa'Waya'Sum Gardens


9:00AM - 4:00PM




Carving on the Edge Festival

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