mułmunčʔałuk: Taking Care of the Roots

September 8th-13th, 2022

2022 Carving on the Edge Festival

This year’s theme, mułmunčʔałuk (Taking Care of the Roots), was centred on the importance of the passing on of knowledge.

Like a plant or a tree the roots need to be taken care of.
We must take only what we will use and we must nourish it.
We must give back by taking care.

take care of the waters and oceans
take care of the land and everything on it
take care of our air and sky
take care of each other

“When we do this we must remember to give back by taking care of our teachers, our elders, the land, the sky, the water and all the precious gifts we receive. When we do this we will know, the knowledge will be passed on in a good way.” ~ Robin Rorick, Haida Artist and Festival Board Member

Festival at a Glance

Festival Poster

Credit: Ivy Cargill-Martin (print) & Erin Finnerty (design)

Festival Program

Credit: Ivy Cargill-Martin (print) & Erin Finnerty (design)

Naa'Waya'Summ Coastal Indigenous Gardens and The Shore Pier
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Including 9 Workshops
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