March 28, 2021

Open Carving Area


March 28, 2021


9:30 am - 10:30 am



Ask anyone who has been to the Carving on the Edge Festival in past years and they will mention the art show and the workshops, the great energy in the Shore building. But likely they will first tell you about the community. This event is our best attempt to replicate that atmosphere and camaraderie of the festival. There is something special about a carving club, where you come together with your fellow carvers and share space while you work. You can work on collaborative projects or get advice or feedback on your solo project. While we can’t carve together in person just yet, this event is meant to get as close to that experience as possible. It’s an event where carvers from all skill levels, from experienced to novices, can bring their projects, large and small, to carve with company. While it won’t match the magic of the in-person festival, hopefully it will tide us over until we can be together again soon. 

Be sure to hang around until the end of the event to be entered into our giveaway with Kestrel tools. A $200 CAD gift card is up for grabs!

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