Tool Making Workshop - Hook Knife
This workshop, hosted by Aaron Nelson Moody, will introduce beginners to wood carving.
Saturday, September 10th
9:00AM - 12:00PM, 1:00PM-4:00PM


Aaron Nelson Moody


Carving on the Edge Festival



Aout this event

Hosted by Aaron Nelson Moody & Athena Picha 

Students will fashion a single bevel hook knife from a tool steel blank by grinding and filing a bevel on one side of the blade. They will heat the blades to bend to shape then heat to re-harden the blade and then temper the blank. The finished blades will be honed sharp then mounted into handle blanks provided.

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Aaron Nelson Moody

Aaron Nelson-Moody, or “Splash”, lives and works in the Capilano Village on the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia, and spent the best part of his youth in the Cheak’mus Village in Squamish.

Tawx’sin Yexwulla translates to “Splashing Eagle” in the Squamish languages, so most people know him simply as “Splash.” He also carrie the name, Poolxtun, from his adopted father Gerry Oleman, which translates as: “the spreading ripples from a splash of water.”

These days he is teaching Northwest Coast woodcarving at Langara College, and doing cultural presentations in the public school system. He also works on his own jewelry engraving and repoussé, along with his woodcarving projects such as canoes and houseposts. He has worked with community groups and students in a number of schools in the Squamish and Vancouver areas since 1995, as well as sharing in Japan and Scotland, and continues to research and teach Coast Salish art.

Atheana Picha



Naa'Waya'Sum Gardens


9:00AM - 12:00PM, 1:00PM-4:00PM




Carving on the Edge Festival

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